Roll-on bottles mini-organizer

Roll-on bottles mini-organizer

This organizer is a mini-bag specially designed for the safe storage and transport of the roll-on bottles.

It is suitable for 5 ml roll-on and 3 ml roll-on bottles from our offer.

It has 2 compartments in which 3 roll-ons can be placed, protected by a mesh fitted with elastic tape which provides double protection for roll-on bottles.

The Mini -organizer for thin glass roll-on bottles is a quality product made from textile material, easy to clean, waterproof and shockproof.

The zipper opens at 180 degrees, which allows easy access to the products stored inside the organizer.

Elegant and practical, this aromatherapy organizer is the right choice for safe transport of glass roll-on bottles during travel. It can be worn inside your daily bag because of the small, compact size it poses.

It features a tailgate specially designed to be attached to the keychain.


  • material: black textile
  • 2 compartments where 3 x 5 ml or 3 x 3 ml roll-on bottles can be fitted
  • color: Textile material: black, zipper: intense violet
  • dimensions: 85 mm * 70 mm * 40 mm
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