Amber color plastic bottle for light lotions, 100 ml

Amber color plastic bottle for light lotions, 100 ml

This type of container is ideal for storing cosmetic preparations in the form of lotions, gels, oils, with lightweight textures.

It is of high quality, reusable and easy to use.

The amber color bottle is suitable for the following categories of cosmetic compositions:

  • lotions for skin and body
  • eye contour creams
  • neck and bust tensor gels
  • capillary serum
  • shaving gels
  • after shaving lotions

Pump characteristics:

  • color: matte white, transparent cover
  • tube length: 120 mm
  • material: PP

Bottle Features:

  • volume: 100 ml
  • diameter: 40 mm
  • shape: cylindrical
  • height: 113 mm
  • neck: 20/410
  • material: amber color PP
General Characteristics
Volume100 ml
Closure typeLotions pump
Lid ColorTransparent

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