Transparent swirled glass roll-on bottle, 10 ml

-5% Transparent swirled glass roll-on bottle, 10 ml

Disassemble the Roll-On

Start up the roll-on ball

Transparent swirled thick glass roll-on bottle with a nominal volume of 10 ml.

It is rechargeable and is ideal for storing the following products:

  • essential oils
  • oily mixtures for topical application
  • perfumes
  • both oily and light-sensitive aqueous preparations
  • aromatherapy compositions: anti-migraine, anti-stress, insect bites, motion sickness

This type of roll-on is a very special one:

  • the rotating ball is made of glass, of good quality, which ensures uniform application and dispersion of different viscosity preparations
  • it presents gentle strides that give it a very special, elegant look
  • the glass roll-on can also be used by those people with high sensitivity to metals
  • has good adhesion to handling due to striations


  • material: transparent swirled thick glass
  • cover: black PE
  • glass ball
  • diameter: 20 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • volume: 5 ml
General Characteristics
Volume10 ml
Closure typeRoll-On

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