Room freshener scent bottle, square, 50 ml

Room freshener scent bottle, square, 50 ml

Presentation: Room freshener

This container is specially designed to deliver perfumes to indoor spaces: rooms, hallways, bathrooms, etc.

The principle of this container is simple: the wood cap becomes impregnated with the fragrance inside the container and disperse the smell / perfume slowly and steadily.

The cap is made of softwood, which favors the absorption and diffusion of the perfume in the indoor space.

The plastic plug that fits the bottle neck ensures the container is tight.

The room freshener scent bottle glass is a simple but elegant container with a thick, transparent glass base, an ideal accessory for your home.

Advantages of this recipient:

  • spreads the fragrance slowly and steadily
  • presents a discreet, elegant design, can even be considered as a decorative object since the neck outer cover has a wooden round lid
  • large capacity (50 ml)
  • no flame used and no heat generated
  • is an alternative for conventional interior perfumers
  • can be filled with perfume according to your preferences and needs


  • volume: 50 ml
  • height: 61 mm (without the wooden cap)
  • base: 54 mm on 54 mm
  • glass: thick, transparent
  • lid and inner stick length: 75 mm
  • it is sold as set: base and wooden lid
General Characteristics
Volume50 ml
Closure typeWooden lid
Lid ColorNatur

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