Roll-on bottles Organizer + Roll-on Opener + Roll-on Bottles

Roll-on bottles Organizer + Roll-on Opener + Roll-on Bottles

The set includes an Essential Oil Bottles Organizer, a Black Roll-on Bottles Opener, 5 pcs. 10 ml Red Frosted with  Silver Cap Roll-on bottles  and 5 pcs. 10 ml White Frosted with  Golden Cap Roll-on bottles for essential oils storage and usage.


  • Roll-on bottles Organizer, a special bag specially designed for the safe storage and transport of essential oils or roll-on bottles.
  • Roll-on Opener is the ideal tool for removing the metal balls which the rolls on bottles are provided with.
  • Roll-on bottles are glass containers that allow cosmetic, perfumery or aroma therapy (especially those with a high concentration of essential oils) to be kept away from direct light, having a rotating ball that allows precise and delicate applications.

The Roll-on bottles Organizer + Roll-on Opener + Roll-on Bottles set is the ideal gift for the winter holidays that can be offered to your loved ones, now at a special price.

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