Blue plastic bottle with spray pump, 100 ml

Blue plastic bottle with spray pump, 100 ml

The 100 ml plastic spray blue bottle is a suitable container for storing various liquid, aqueous cosmetic compositions.

Made of durable, blue material, it is cylindrical in shape and is easy to use and handle.

Its relative small size, 100 ml capacity, makes it ideal when traveling.

The container is equipped with a spray pump and a transparent lid, and is suitable for:

  • toners
  • cleansers
  • disinfectant sprays
  • body fragrances
  • room fresheners
  • eau de toilete
  • floral waters


  • material: PET
  • neck size: 20/410
  • shape: cylindrical
  • base: blue transparent color
  • pump: black spray
  • cover: transparent
  • height: 120 mm
  • diameter: 38 mm

The bottle is sold as set: base and spray pump.

General Characteristics
Volume100 ml
Closure typeSpray pump
Lid ColorTransparent

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